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Those who are repainting their house or those who are out to select just the right colour for their new dream home, everybody goes through one thing in common – Just which colour is the right one? 
There are so many factors involved when it comes to picking out the right colour – One colour for the entire house or a colour for each room? Should there be a pattern or can it just be simple and classic? Which room are you painting? Would this colour resonate with my personality? Would it sync well with the furniture colour and patterns? Would the house/room look too dingy? Will it turn out exactly like how I imagined it in my head? And if this is not enough already, there are so many colours to choose from. Studies have shown that we can see about 1000 levels/shades of Light and Dark, about 100 levels of yellow-blue and 100 levels of red-green for a single viewing condition. That means the total number of colours we can see is about 10 million!!

Choosing a colour seemed so simple a few minutes ago, how did it get this hard? Well, not to worry, we can get it back to being simple and exciting by delving into colour psychology. By the time you finish reading this blog, you’d have finished choosing just the right colours for your home.

Colours, besides being a visual experience, it is also a psychological one. Colours have ways to radically affect ones mood and emotion. It has the ability to project your personality and set the mood or tone of each room of your home. Based on gender, age, ethnic background and climate, colours (or even a group of colours) tend to produce a particular kind of response. This is why it is essential to choose colours wisely when it comes to decorating your room and your home.

Before getting into the effects of colours and which one would be best in a room, here are a few general tips that can help you in choosing the theme and pattern –

  • Think about the furnitures that will be going into that room, the carpeting, the fabrics and tiles. Ensure that the paint colour you will be choosing goes along with all of it.
  • To avoid cluttering, always limit the number of colours in a room to 3 or 4. Not more than that. More than that will result in the room looking messy.

Be as creative as you want to be! Paint is relatively inexpensive and has the ability to transform your room, so be free and let your personality flow! It is okay to experiment a little!

Room Colours and Its Effects

Colours tend to bring out three basic reactions from us – Active, Passive and Neutral. You can choose the right colour that matches your personalities, taste and the room’s purpose. Here is a list of colours and what they can do to the room and the people.


  • Being the colour with the longest wavelength, it is the most intense colour. It has the ability to grab our attention first.
  • It stimulates us and raises our adrenaline like no other.
  • Being the colour of love, It draws people together and encourages conversation.
  • It is lively, stirs up excitement and feels friendly, but at the same time it may be perceived as demanding and/or aggressive.

Red is also known to sometimes raise blood pressure and speed up the heart rate, so it is usually considered too intense for the bedrooms, but if the room is customarily used mainly after sunset or in the dark, it can also appear rich, intense and enchanting.


  • Yellow denotes sunshine and joyfulness, conveying happiness.
  • It is best for rooms that need some ‘pick-me-up’. Kitchens, dining, rooms and bathrooms are come good choices for adding some yellow, though not that good as the main element of your colour scheme.
  • While the right shade of yellow can lift your spirits and self-esteem, stimulate the nerves and purify the body; too much of it or the wrong shade with respect to the theme of the room and environment can cause fear and anxiety.


  • Green, denoting nature, is said to be the mist restful and soothing colour. Combine this with a little blue and a touch of yellow; it makes for a great colour scheme.
  • Being in the centre of the colour spectrum, it is the colour of balance
  • Green encourages a person to relax and unwind. It is also said to help with fertility so it is a great choice for the bedroom.
  • Used inappropriately it can also end up denoting stagnation or can be perceived to be too bland.


  • A pretty colour, blue is known to have a calming effect when used as the main colour of the room – especially the lighter shades.
  • Blue is the colour of the mind and affects us mentally, rather than the physical reaction to red.
  • Dark blue tends to evoke feelings of sadness (people usually say, “Why are you feeling blue today?” to ask when a person looks unhappy or sad.). But if dark blue is something you really like, you can always nullify the effect by adding a bit of light colours like white, light green or maybe some light grey.
  • Studies show blue is the world’s favourite colour.


  • Dramatic, sophisticated and rich – that is purple for you.
  • Purple is associated with luxury and creativity. Being the colour with the shortest wavelength and often described as violet as well, takes awareness to higher levels of deep contemplation and spiritual values.
  • Using it appropriately or as the secondary colour, adds depth. It symbolises royalty and is usually associated with fine quality.
  • Lighter shades of purple have similar calming quality as blue, but without the risk of being chilly and frigid.
  • Excessive use of purple on the other hand, or the wrong tone of it denotes something cheap or nasty.


  • The king of all colours – exudes royalty, class and sophistication.
  • It communicates absolute clarity and uncompromising excellence.
  • It works well with almost all colours, particularly white, grey, blue and purple.
  • Just like all colours, when used excessively, it can be menacing and can denote darkness; many are afraid of the dark. But it can be nullified when used smartly with other colours.

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