Common design mistakes and how to avoid them

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” Wise words everyone should follow, especially when it comes to interior designing. Learning from others mistakes sounds much better and is definitely a lot cheaper than making a mistake and then bleeding your pockets dry trying to correct it!
There are a lot many out there who are racing to get the perfect home with an aesthetically pleasing and stylish design. While the prospect of standing out and looking exotic does sound extremely alluring and exhilarating, being hasty it doesn’t always lead to the happy ending we deserve. We get so engrossed with the prospect of a stylish modern home with that perfect design or appliance that many a times it ends up being a tragedy (sometimes even a comedy) of errors.
So before you hasten towards laying the foundations of your interior design; just hit the brakes, pause and think before you end up regretting your actions. Here is a list of design mistakes that commonly occur and what you can do to prevent them.

1. A common recurring mistake is starting your interior design with painting your home first. Most of the time what happens is, the appliance, furniture or decor you buy ends up clashing with the paint colour. To avoid that always choose the fabrics and furniture first so that you can choose a colour to paint that will compliment the look of your room.

2. Lighting is a very crucial aspect when it comes to designing your property. In many cases, improper light ends up making the room/area look dull and dingy. To avoid that, make sure each space should have ample lighting that suits the ambiance and purpose of the room. Another idea is to install dimmers so that you can control the level of light in the room, according the occasion or time of day.

3. One of the most common misconceptions many have is that furniture must always be placed against walls. What should be kept in mind is that the placement of furniture should be according the environment of the room; to create a more intimate setting and easy movement around the room. Always remember that chairs and sofas should face each other to create conversation areas.

4. Another complaint you can regularly hear is how they ended up buying something they thought would look so good in a particular area but ended up being too big/small for that area. Always pay attention to the dimensions and measurements in each area, and don’t rely on just the eye to measure space.

5. Always remember that too much is just too much. Many make the mistake of cluttering their homes with a lot of furnishings and decors which ends up making the rooms more messy and crowded than comfy and stylish. Make sure you don’t turn your home into a Museum. You don’t have to cover the entire area in the name of interior designing. Leave some space, it will make your home look organised and beautiful.

6. Scaling is another mistake you come across. Some end up putting too many small things in one room, making it messy, while others put too many large and bulky items together, making it look stuffy. Ensure that your room has a proper proportion and mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes.

7. Low ceiling is something one must avoid. The concept of space is an essential element to interior designing and regardless of how big the room is, limited or low ceiling gives an impression of the room being in disarray.

8. Another mistake one does not realise they are making is not asking for help. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot one’s own mistakes when we have been going on and on over the same room design for months. A fresh pair of eyes with different perspective always helps. Hiring a professional is the fix for this issue.

In fact, the best solution for all these problems is to hire a professional. Make sure the professional you hire is well equipped and experienced to tend to all your interior design needs. Here at DoMyHome, we know exactly what to do to avoid these mistakes and ensure your home looks uniquely yours.
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